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Many are confused about what eczema is, how you can distinguish eczema apart from other skin disease. The truth, it is easy to detect eczema. If you see a reddish and somewhat round shape on skin, then that is eczema. It may appear anywhere on the skin, but the nape is its favourite. Read the rest of this entry>

A Baby lotion is said to be mild and free from harsh chemical ingredients. How can a lotion made of chemical be non-chemical? Organic lotions are non-chemical base baby lotion that is safe and mild. They are safe for older baby’s, ranging from 8 months onwards. But if your baby is still on the early months, I suggest not using baby lotion, no matter how they claim to be non-chemical baby lotion. Read the rest of this entry>

You can get rid of acne naturally. Here we will provide you with tips for getting rid of acne. Diet is a natural way to cure almost every disease, even those graves and terminal cancer can be dealt with by just eating the right food. How much more with acne? Read the rest of this entry>

A baby’s skin is the purest skin you could ever see. They are smooth, soufflé and lovely. Daily care for your baby is important. If it is your first baby, or if you are a first time mom getting tips for baby skin care is important. A newborn skin is delicate. Read the rest of this entry>

When bathing a baby, you use shampoo and bath soap, but you are afraid, what if the bubbles get into her eyes? No tears baby soap is mild that even when it gets into baby’s eyes, it won’t hurt her. Daily washing bathing of your baby will her fresh and free from rashes and using a no tear baby soap formula is as exciting as taking baby’s bath. Read the rest of this entry>

The word Dermatitis is a term used to all kinds of skin allergies. If you have seen pictures of skin rashes, those were Dermatitis. There are different types of dermatitis, each one have its different causes. Like for example, eczema is one type of dermatitis, but this skin rashes runs through family. Read the rest of this entry>